An Epic Summer Birthday Party: Mermaids & Pirates

So this is the first year I have combined both kid’s birthday parties in one. With their birthdays only ten days apart, it’s something that’s going to be a trend over here. Considering their parties are during the summer, I wanted to do a summer theme. Arabella has been obsessed with Ariel lately and loves mermaids so it was pretty easy to decide on a theme. I had a lot of ideas and many worked out so I’m going to share everything here with you guys! If you’re planning a summer party for a boy and girl or just want to make boys feel included at a girl’s mermaid party (or vise vera) – this is an awesome idea.

Party Faves: 

Giant Water Slide: Logan @ Just Bouncing Fun

This was the main entertainment for the party and it was a huge hit! Logan, the owner, was really easy to work with and I would recommend his company for any party! This 19 foot tall water slide was epic! I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun on any water slide and all the kids were sad when their parents made them leave when the party was over. Just Bouncing Fun offers a lot of different jumpers and slides for all occasions, definitely check them out and check out my Insta for a video of the action!


Custom Cookies: The AMAZING Sweet Frost Bakery

Christie from Sweet Frost makes all our cookies for special occasions and she really is the BEST!


Kona Ice Truck: This was such a big hit and totally affordable.


Character Visits: Fair Maidens and Masks. I can’t rave about this company enough. The owner Jenna is such a sweetheart and the characters were astounding. The kids loved this!!


Custom Tattoos:

LJ’s custom tattoos from Etsy & here is the link to Arabella’s tattoos also on Etsy

Pirate tattoos from Hobby Lobby


Craft Table: The kids loved this! Such a great idea for indoor parties when it is hot outside.

I got the little wooden treasure chests from Michaels & the gems and coins I used to fill them with are from Amazon

All the feathers, gems, sand, bins and additional decorations to design them with were from The Dollar Tree

The paint sets and paint brushes are from Hobby Lobby

Plastic table cloth is from Target


Cakes: Our favorite cake lady was out of town so my mom baked the cakes this year and I did the decorating. They came out cute for my first time!

I got all the mermaid and shell chocolate molds and candles off of Amazon

The pirate sprinkles on LJ’s cake are from Etsy. (I don’t see the ones I ordered anymore buut these are similar).


Cute decor, party favors, snacks & piñatas:

Treasure maps, foam swords and decor are from Hobby Lobby 

Party hats, blowers and sequin table runner from Target

Cutest mermaid bags, pirate hats, pirate party bags, pirate balloons, pirate banners, netting and Arabella’s Mermaid Book from Amazon

Piñatas and plastic shell cups from Party City

Shells and sea glass from The Dollar Tree

LJ’s birthday shirt was made by Next Gen Supply 



We are so thankful to all our friends and family that came out and made the kids’ special day perfect! We love you all.













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