Friday Favorites: The COZY-est Jammies Ever

Hey guys! It’s been awhile. So this week, I want to share one of my favorite shops with you all, Cozys! I love this company for so many reasons! First of all, they make the coziest pajamas and blankets ever. Both of my kids love their Cozys pajamas and think they’re so soft. They also have the cutest prints for both boys and girls! They even make them in women’s sizes and that’s definitely going to be my next purchase. I also really love that everything from this shop is made in Arizona. But what I love most about Cozys is the story behind the company. Cozys Blankets is ran by shop owner, Mattisyn Brown, who founded the shop in 2015. After Mattisyn and her husband, Wyley, found out they would need to go through the process of In Vitro Fertilization to start their family, she started sewing jersey knit blankets to fund it and their company was born.

In 2016, the couple welcomed their beautiful daughter Austyn into their family. Each Cozys purchase helped them in their journey to becoming parents and will continue to contribute to future additions to their family.

Picture from Cozys website

 This is such a special inspiring story and is exactly why I support small shops. There’s nothing more rewarding then knowing you are benefiting sweet mamas, families and their dreams when making a purchase!


I’m so happy to share this shop with you guys and hope you guys can see through these pictures how much my kids love Cozys.

Reason #1. They’re perfect for making waffles in.

IMG_8830 2IMG_8836IMG_8839IMG_8843IMG_8846

Reason #2. They are perfect for wearing all day long, lounging around the house, cuddling and coloring in!


Reason #3. They’re especially perfect for movie dates and popcorn-eating.


Reason #4. They’re of course, perfect for bedtime!


My point here is that Cozys are the perfect jammies and loungers for every day. My kids love them and never want to take them off. Arabella says they’re the softest jammies she has and requests a pair almost every single night. I can’t wait to see your pictures in Cozys and know you guys will love them as much as we do.

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