Friday Favorites: Fall Edition

IT’S FALL IN AZ! LIKE ACTUALLY FALL! So normally, it doesn’t start really feeling like fall here until after Halloween because its still so dang hot BUT amazingly, the weather has totally been suitable for sweaters (in the evening)! We don’t really have falling leaves and changing colors, but we’ll definitely take the cooler weather. Anyways, we have been getting into the fall spirit around here and I have to share some of my fall favorites with you guys!


  1. FALL CANDLES – Is it even fall if you aren’t burning pumpkin scented candles in your home?! My favorite candles are from Bath and Body Works and now is the time to stock up for fall and winter because all three-wick candles are only 12.95!
  2. WELCOME MAT- When this pretty little thang caught my eye, I COULD. NOT. RESIST. Buffalo plaid is such a timeless look and really can work through all the seasons. I bought the 18 X 30 inch and its only $14.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond.
  3. DECORATIVE THROW PILLOWS- One of my favorite decorations throughout the holiday season is pillows. I love the new line of Hearth & Hand throw pillows because they are subtle in the front but so perfect for fall with the print on the back. Available at Target for $19.99.
  4. APPLE CIDER HAND SOAP- Mrs. Meyer’s has a couple limited editions scents in their soap and let me tell you, the apple cider scent is to die for. As a mom, I have to wash my hands a million times a day and with this soap, I don’t mind it one bit. Also available in the pumpkin spice scent. Both are only $3.79 at- you guessed it- Target.
  5. FALL WREATH- Obviously there are countless great options for fall wreaths but when I came across the Harvest Cotton Wreath by Magnolia, I fell in love. It is pricey ($138) no doubt, but it is 40% off right now with code FALL40.
  6. MAMA BEAR HOODIE- With fall comes the cooler weather and you can catch me in a hoodie every single night. When it comes to outerwear, I like to keep it simple and comfy. My current fave is my black and white mama bear hoodie from Loved by Hannah and Eli and it is on sale for $50! Normally $65.
  7. UGG BOOTS- I know, it doesn’t get more basic than this. BUT this particular style is a higher fashion option and suitable for all occasions. My husband got me these for Christmas last year and they are definitely a fall favorite of mine. Shop them here for $150.
  8. FALL-FORWARD HAT- Hats are the perfect accessory for any fall outfit and this plaid rancher from Anthropologie is everything. AND it’s on sale for $39.95 from $58!
  9. DARK LIPSTICK- My best friend, Celina, got me stuck on my favorite lipstick which is NYX and it has to be matte. This particular gotta-have-it shade is called Goal Digger and I am obsessed. Perfect for fall and winter! Available at your local beauty store, shop it here from Ulta.
  10. CANDY CORN POPCORN- Last but not least, this will really get you in the Halloween spirit. Trader Joes is selling candy corn popcorn and everyone loves it. $1.99 for 5 oz bags and if you love it, stock up. They are selling out!

  1. OMG! This is such an incredible fall post, I absolutely adore your recommendations gf! I already purchased the Mrs. Meyer’s apple cider hand soup and it smells sooooo good! Now off to buy that adorable outside door mat and throw pillow! 🙂 Love love & love! Can’t wait for your next blog post yay!!! Xoxo


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