5 Birthday Gifts Your Husband Will Love

My husband’s birthday was a couple weeks ago and when it came to getting him a gift, I felt like I had no good ideas. I wanted to do something different than past years and wanted him to really feel special. I was so happy I found ideas that made for a great birthday celebration for him. If you’re looking for something that’ll stand out to your man, check out these ideas!

King Follett Wedding Ring Sets:

When I came across the wedding ring sets that King Follett designs, I instantly thought “this is the perfect gift for Josh”. I got him the “Original 5 Set” which includes five different custom wedding rings that’ll fit every occasion. Their rings are made of tungsten, titanium, ceramic, and even silicone. These sets are both original and meaningful- and are the perfect gift for any husband! Their rings individually start at $55 (right now on sale) and the kits run anywhere from $250-$325 (also on sale!). Their craftsmanship is high quality and I am so happy with the set I received.

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 1.44.36 PM.png

Northern Brewer At Home Beer Brewer Starter Kit:

What man doesn’t like beer?! This at-home beer making set is for beginners and includes everything you need to make five gallons of beer. It is a great gift for any guy who loves beer, DIY and/or entertaining. The kit shown is $109.98 and can be purchased on Amazon.


Personalized Birthday Sweets:

Guys love sweets and they love when we make things ALL about them. When was the last time you went all out on your husband’s birthday cake? Surprise your guy with a birthday cake in his favorite flavor and/or some awesome cookies that really describe his personality. If you’re local to AZ, you can find the very best for both gigs. I used the talented Veronica from Dessert First by Veronica for Josh’s cake and the talented Christie from Sweet Frost Bakery for his golf cookies. He LOVED both!

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 11.17.21 AMIMG_5019

Man Crates: 

Man Crates are awesome! These crates come in like 100 different options. From new dad kits, to Sriracha lovers to even zombie annihilation kits, they have something for everyone. These gift sets come in a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar which makes for a really fun opening experience. There are smaller crate options that start at $40 and max out at $180 (but many are under $100).

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 1.25.08 PM.png

Dollar Shave Club Membership:

Let’s be real, every man loves to feel taken care of and this idea here is definitely one way to do it! Dollar Shave Club offers sets that are totally customizable and ship out every 3 months (or to his liking). This is a perfect, inexpensive, and thoughtful gift for the hardworking, busy husbands out there. A starter set ships for just $5.

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 1.38.01 PM.png





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