LJ’s First Birthday Photoshoot

I can’t believe my baby is already almost a year old! We had our amazing photographer (and friend), Natalie Miller, take LJ’s pictures and we are obsessed with how cute they are. The cars LJ’s playing with in the photos were my little brothers’ when they were kids. I love bringing something special into the kids’ birthday shoots that I can repeat year after year as they grow. I’ve wanted to do a “burger smash” since I found out I was having a little boy and I couldn’t be happier with how the whole thing turned out. LJ loved it too! It was his first time having a burger and fries. AND if that wasn’t enough, he really got into the cake smash. He was like body slamming the cake, (HAHA) which really made for good pictures! I’ll cherish these photos forever. If you’re looking for an amazing photographer, look no further. Natalie is the best! You can find her website here: http://www.photosbynatalie.com/

[LJ’s Striped Linen Romper: Rylee & Cru, LJ’s Overalls: Beau Hudson]


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