Valentine’s Day For Him

Valentine’s Day is in a couple short weeks and I always love to do something special for my hunny. I know for me, it can sometimes be a struggle to find new and fun ways to surprise Josh for Valentine’s Day. From elaborate scavenger hunts to candle-lit dinners at home, there are so many creative ways to make your partner feel special on love day! I wanted to share some ideas here and I would love to hear your guys’ ideas too!

  1. Dinner at Home – Last year, I was pregnant and so not interested in joining the busy crowds out at a restaurant. So, I decided to make Josh dinner at home, got some wine (apple cider for me!) and decorated the house super cute. (As always, I look for all my silly holiday decorations at Target). I lit a bunch of candles AND made us a fort to cuddle in and watch a movie. It was a super intimate night in and Josh loved all the sweet touches to the house. Here are some of my favorite recipes for special occasions. Creamy Tuscan Chicken, Chicken Alfredo Fettuccine, Chicken Tiki Masala, Filet Mignon. creamytuscangarlic5Instead of doing dinner or in addition to it, a sweet Valentine’s Day themed breakfast in bed is always fun too! Check out these Sweetheart Cinnamon Rolls.
  2. Scavenger Hunt– I did this for Josh our first Valentine’s Day together and I still remember loving how it all came out. Since it has been five years, I thought it would be fun to do something similar this year. Here are a couple ideas of what you can leave for him to find during the hunt. IMG_5651.jpgIMG_5658.jpg
  3. Decorate the House/ His Car– Every year, I decorate the house with a bunch of Valentine’s Day decor (as I do for every holiday…Josh is SUPER festive so I have to!) But, one year for his birthday, I decided to decorate his truck and I think that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day too- especially if you don’t live together. I filled his truck with his favorite snacks, candy, some cute stuffed animals and covered the entire inside with sticky notes that had sweet things written on them. Definitely one of my favorite surprises to date. He LOVED it!IMG_5680-2.jpg
  4. Custom Gifts- The best gifts are the sentimental gifts in my book. My all time favorite gift I have ever gotten for Josh, I had made for him two years back. This key chain has three different sets of longitude and latitude coordinates for the place we met, the place we got married, and the place we gave birth to our daughter. I got it handmade off of Etsyimg_4553.jpgI also got his wedding ring engraved with a special message which is another great idea. You could do a custom watch, cufflinks etc. A perfect alternative if you’re looking for a DIY gift is: 100 REASONS WHY I LOVE YOU. Write down or print out 100 typed reasons why you love your partner. Cut them into little strips and put them in a cute decorated mason jar. IMG_5664.jpg
  5. The Cheesier the Better- As much as I love the mushy gifts, Josh is super silly so of course I always have to make sure I get him a humorous gift as well. The best idea I saw this year was socks with your face all over them. You can design your pair here. They are hilarious and especially a great gift for me because Josh has to wear long socks to work everyday. ADULT coupons are another fun and cheesy gift perfect for gifting on VDay. Here’s an example of one!IMG_1164
  6. The Sexier the Better- Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to go buy some new sexy lingerie and dress up for your man! Chocolate covered strawberries, candles and lingerie-what else could a man want? Another perfect gift for VDay- A boudoir shoot! It has been years since I have done this for Josh (hey, I’ve spent the last few years havin’ babies!) BUT he is still obsessed with all the pictures I took for him and they are probably his favorite gift I’ve ever given him. IMG_5669-2.jpg
  7. The Sweeter the Better- Nothing says Valentine’s Day like CHOCOLATE. Here are some of my favorite sweets recipes for Valentine’s Day. Chocolate Covered Strawberries, M&Ms Cookie Bars, Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies…my mouth is already watering! & If you don’t feel like doing the work, you can always have Edible Arrangements do it for you! IMG_5429-3.jpg

  1. YASSSS!!!! These are the cutest v-day recommendations EVER I cannot wait for the next v-day to do some of these ideas sister… 😉


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