Our California/Disneyland Trip!

A few weeks ago, Josh and I decided we would take a last minute trip to California with the kids. I say last minute because when we go on vacation, I like to have everything planned out and reserved ahead of time. We definitely wanted to take the kids to Disneyland and I knew with Halloween Time there right now, everything would be booked up. Obviously all the Disneyland hotels and the trick-or-treating event (Mickey’s Halloween Party) were fully booked, but we made the most of it. Last year we took Arabella for the trick-or-treat event and even though it was cool for us, she is still kinda new at the idea of trick-or-treating and we have no problem waiting until next year! The coolest parts about Mickey’s Halloween party are the Halloween parade and the Halloween-themed fireworks. We’re looking forward to taking the kids next Halloween when they both will enjoy it more. Anyways, we left around 3 PM on Saturday, which worked out perfectly because Arabella did not nap until we started the drive.


Cutest letter board from Letter Lines.


LJ slept the majority of the drive minus the one time we had to stop and feed him.


Arabella took two potty breaks and had no accidents the whole way there, thank goodness! It was our first long trip since potty training her so I was thrilled. Same with Disneyland, which kind of surprised me considering she was so preoccupied with all the fun she was having. We were able to find a room across the street from Disneyland at The Fairfield Inn by Marriott. We lucked out with their last room with a king bed. Haha! After we made the long drive to our hotel and unpacked, we walked down the road with the kids sleeping in the stroller so we could get a beer from our favorite pizza place, The Pizza Press. Lj woke up to hang out with us, but Arabella was already out for the night.

The next morning we decided to spend our first day there at the Santa Monica Pier. We knew Arabella wanted to see the beach and there’s rides there, so it was a win-win! It was hot! Like almost as hot as it is here in Arizona which totally sucked at Disneyland but made for pretty good beach weather. Arabella had so much fun playing games and picking out prizes. She thought she was going to like the rides and begged until we got her on one. As you can tell from the picture, she loved it at first…then it went higher and faster…and she cried until they stopped the ride.


Arabella’s cute Donald Duck crop top from Indiana Wild.


After the pier ride scared her half to death, she was ready to go play on the beach. She loves the beach and has been talking about it since we took her last March. She had so much fun running into the waves and looking for sea shells. It makes me so happy to make these memories with my little girl. I still remember the same memories I have with my mom doing the same thing when I was young.


If you can’t tell because I’m still wearing my Milk Snob nursing cover in the pic (which by the way, is so amazing!), maybe you can tell by his face, but LJ was in an absolute milk coma here! Haha! We couldn’t help but snap some pictures, it was just priceless, especially with his little sunglasses on.



Arabella had so much fun building sand castles with her daddy and LJ. We were having a great time until she decided to pour sand on LJ’s head.


Arabella’s Swim Top Knot from Bunny Knots.


After trying to get the sand out of LJ’s hair and off his face, we decided it was probably time to take the kids back to the hotel for a bath. All in all, it was a fun and memorable first time to the beach as a family of four.


After bathing the kids we took them over to Downtown Disney. We got Starbucks and did some shopping before getting dinner at Naples. Which by the way, has the best chicken parmigiana I have ever had. Both kids fell asleep at dinner so we walked around Downtown Disney for a little bit and then headed back to the room.



My shirt from Fett&Co. 


Monday was our first day at Disneyland. I was excited to take LJ for his first time, but let’s be real, I knew he would have no idea what was going on, so really I was thrilled to take Arabella back now that she is a little older and loves everything Disney! She picked out her dress which was a princess Belle dress and was so excited to wear it. Arabella had so much fun in Toon Town meeting Mickey and Pluto. Later she even got to meet Minnie and all day long she talked about how they gave her hugs. She really loved riding on “It’s a Small World” and the carrousel.


LJ’s “I’m Off to Meet the Mouse” shirt from Our 5 Loves.


“Real Mouse Wife of Disneyland” from Wild Rich Kids.



(Arabella’s super cute Snow White shirt made by: Elizabeth Annes Girls)

The first day at Disney was super hot and busy so we took the kids home for part of the day and let them sleep, then went back after the sun went down.


Our second day at Disney was much better. It was so much less busy and cooler outside too. We had so much fun all day long at both parks. We started off at Disneyland and rode on the Disneyland Railroad, which is a total must for their dinosaur display alone. It was awesome; Arabella thought it was the coolest thing ever. She got to see Goofy who gave her lots of hugs. He ended up being the only character she wasn’t even slightly scared of. Then we did the Haunted Mansion which is another must during Halloween Time at Disney.

IMG_7176IMG_7340IMG_7640IMG_7639IMG_7642IMG_7455IMG_7163IMG_7153IMG_7140IMG_7201IMG_7244IMG_7158IMG_7157IMG_71547518817248_IMG_7466IMG_7541IMG_7486IMG_7670IMG_75127518817248_IMG_75007518817248_IMG_75017516828656_IMG_7741IMG_72027585935712_IMG_7583IMG_73337516828656_IMG_77287516828656_IMG_77277516828656_IMG_77267516828656_IMG_77147516828656_IMG_77137516828656_IMG_77117516828656_IMG_7676IMG_7239 2IMG_7235IMG_7234IMG_7224IMG_7226.JPG


(Arabella’s super cute leather bat hair clips from Mia Heartmade and her Halloween romper is from Kaiouti Kids!) When we headed over to California Adventure, she got to meet Elsa, Anna and Olaf— all of her absolute favorites (even though she doesn’t look very excited in these pictures). We spent the night eating giant turkey legs, ice cream cones, and watching World of Color.

IMG_7273 2IMG_7629IMG_7339IMG_7171IMG_71697516802736_IMG_78297516767136_IMG_7333IMG_7193IMG_7191IMG_7189IMG_7185IMG_7675.JPGIMG_7182IMG_71927516828656_IMG_78907516828656_IMG_78867516828656_IMG_7871

We already cannot wait to go back to Disney again! Until next time.








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