Baby’s First Milestones


Once I had Arabella, I was so excited for all of her “firsts”. Her due date was the Fourth of July and so from the beginning, I was really looking forward to holidays with her. She ended up coming a week late, so Halloween ended up being our first holiday together. Now that she’s over the age of two, I have realized how fast time goes by and how quickly our children grow. Now with LJ, I want to make sure I soak up every single special moment and document them when they happen. With the help of our new super cute baby’s first celebration cards by Milestone I can do exactly that!

Milestone is releasing their new “special moments” booklets and they have everything to offer for capturing the special “firsts” in your baby’s life. From baby’s first time sleeping through the night, to baby’s first birthday, there is so much to choose from. They even have an entire booklet dedicated to “first activities” for children 0-4 years old. I wish I would have had all of these back when Arabella was a baby, but I’m going to make up for it by using their set of toddler cards.

In our house, we love celebrating the holidays! Now that we have children, the holidays are especially fun. We are really looking forward to celebrating LJ’s first holiday, Halloween. Even more so, my husband and I can’t wait to celebrate Christmas (our favorite holiday ) with our babies! I can’t wait to use the photo cards to document LJ’s first time decorating the tree with us, opening his presents, and more.


The new line of photo card booklets from Milestone includes seven different baby’s first special moments sets: Baby’s first Christmas, foodie moments, travel moments, fashion moments, outdoor moments, first holidays, and baby’s first birthday! The cards are adorable and even have a spot on the bottom where you can write the date. I really love this because there are so many special “firsts” and memories that don’t fall on holidays and now their dates are documented and can be easily remembered. Click here to check out Milestone’s new line of photo booklets and everything else they have to offer! These booklets are so fun and would absolutely make the perfect baby shower gift for expecting mamas. I can’t wait to start using all of my photo cards for years to come.


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