Up North with the Babies

We took our first trip as a family of four this last week up to Payson, AZ. We went up to celebrate my great aunt and uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary. We drove up after Josh got off work which turned out to be perfect timing because it was late and both babies slept the whole way there! When we got to our cabin at Kohl’s Ranch Lodge, we were so happy to see how cute it was! The cabin was so cozy and had an incredible deck overlooking the woods and a creek. This was absolutely the best part because Arabella loved hanging out on the deck and playing in the creek. The weather was amazing, with highs in the mid 80s and lows of 60 degrees.


The night we got in, it was way past bedtime and Arabella stayed asleep. LJ on the other hand, thought it would be so fun to wake up and hang out with us. He was so happy and giggly, we totally didn’t mind staying up until 2 AM!

IMG_2659IMG_2663IMG_4327img_4329 (1)IMG_4697.JPG

In regards to sleep, I am so happy I brought LJ’s Dockatot because he was able to sleep in it close by at night and was able to lounge around in it during the day. This really worked well when we were outside watching Arabella play in the grass and while we were having picnics.


Our first full day in Payson, we attended the anniversary party where we got to catch up with family. Arabella had a blast catching lizards with her fourth cousins, running around outside and eating cupcakes of course. Afterwards, we spent some quality time with my parents, brothers, and my brother’s girlfriend back at Kohl’s Ranch.

img_4383 (1)IMG_4550IMG_4399IMG_3051IMG_4384IMG_4393img_2981 (1)img_4717 (1).jpgIMG_4389.jpgIMG_2910IMG_4385img_2895 (1)IMG_4381IMG_4411IMG_4409IMG_4416IMG_4417IMG_4722IMG_4723IMG_4718IMG_4720IMG_4724img_4737 (1).jpgIMG_4514IMG_4538IMG_4721

The next couple days we got to spend time together just the four of us. Arabella loved hanging out in the creek and trying to catch fish with daddy. At night, we took flashlights out by the creek to look for frogs. Afterwards, we would bundle up in the rocking chairs on the deck and show Arabella how bright the stars were- she thought they were so pretty! The night time was really the best because it was so nice and cold out! This meant we could cuddle up together by the fireplace and I love any chance we get to do that. We always ended the night by making popcorn and watching Minions- because let’s face it, I don’t remember the last time we watched a grown up movie! Haha! Our last morning there, me and the kids woke up to the smell of breakfast. Josh cooked us a feast and we were able to enjoy it by the creek before heading out. Overall, it was so nice to getaway with the hubs and the kids (AND enjoy some sweater weather)! The property was so gorgeous and made for such a fun and safe place to explore with our babies. We can’t wait to go back!



Let me tell you guys- packing for a little baby again— especially a boy this time, was so much fun! Maybe too much fun. Hehe!


LJ’s beanies, Arabella’s beanie and my beanie-  Noxx Beanies 

Arabella’s overalls- Harlow Jade

Arabella’s Peach Bow- SophiaRose Bows

Arabella’s Pigtail Bows – The Splendid Bow

Arabella’s Floral Leo & Striped Leo- This Tribe of Three

Arabella’s “Mom Tell me About the 90s” Shirt- Kenzie Jaws

Arabella’s Purple Hoodie- Lulu & Roo

Arabella’s Green Velvet Skirt- Happy Shombey

Arabella’s Hat & Flower Headband- Bailey’s Blossoms

Arabella’s Navy Skirt- Oshkosh

LJ’s Bibs- Copper & Pearl

LJ’s Orange Oxfords- Piper Finn Footwear

LJ’s “The Snuggle is Real” Shirt- Cheerily

LJ’s Adventure Jumper Arabella’s Black and Brown Sandals & Arabella’s Gray Shoes- Target

Lj’s Camping Onesie, Green Plaid Vest & Orange Jeans- Carter’s

LJ’s Camo Pants, Gray Jeans, Camo Shoes & Trapper Hat – Old Navy

My Floral Nursing Dress- Undercover Mama

My “Mamacita” Shirt- The Bee & The Fox

Josh’s “Ive Got Mad Dad Skills” Shirt- Slyfox Threads 


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