“You Are Our Best Adventure” Nursery

When it came to designing LJ’s nursery, I knew exactly what I wanted. But when people would ask me what the theme was, I struggled to perfectly describe it. I would be like…um…think woodland meets adventure meets safari! Haha. That’s the best I got! In my head it made sense. I really wanted tones of neutral colors with pops of “boy” tones and wanted it to feel like a nursery while also achieving a mature vibe as well. So I collected all of my favorite things and created what I think is the perfect little nursery for our perfect little boy. For starters, we got all of our furniture from Babies R Us. After getting all of Arabella’s from Buy Buy Baby, that was my first choice to go looking but Josh and I just happened to see this gray set and fell in love. The drawers in the dresser are soft-close and it is probably my favorite thing about them. If you have kids, you know just how easily they smash their fingers in closing drawers. We opted to go with the book case instead of an armoire because I knew I had a bunch of cute stuff I wanted on display. In terms of decor, Target & Hobby Lobby pretty much had everything my heart desired. If you have not checked out Hobby Lobby and you’re planning on designing anything in your home – you’re missing out! BUT proceed with caution… You will end up wanting to buy the entire store. I personally have been keeping away lately because I know all the Halloween decor is now fully stocked and is calling my name. Side note: Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on our Halloween decor. We LOVE Halloween and my hubby and I love to go all out decorating the house inside and out! Anyways, shopping for and designing little man’s nursery took tons of man hours!! A big shout out to my bestie Lexi for literally spending hours upon hours shopping with me until I had everything I needed! (And for not being embarrassed when everyone was looking at us in Target when Arabella had the meltdown of the century). I had so much fun designing my baby boy’s nursery. I hope you guys enjoy it as well! Scroll to the bottom for a list of what’s from where!

IMG_4145img_0394.jpgFullSizeRender copy 3IMG_0388FullSizeRender 3 copyIMG_4071

** Custom State Rattle from Bannor Toys

FullSizeRender 10

** Green Leather Booties from my favorite Potato Feet

** Teething Bracelets from Little Luna Shop 

** Green Cactus Teether from Brixton Phoenix 

FullSizeRender 12

** This foil Peter Pan picture was actually mine and my brothers growing up!


** Cutest shoes from Piper Finn Footwear


IMG_4125IMG_4135IMG_4097FullSizeRender 2IMG_4077FullSizeRender copy 2IMG_4148IMG_0433FullSizeRender 3FullSizeRender 15FullSizeRender 8FullSizeRender 7FullSizeRenderIMG_4095IMG_4059IMG_4136FullSizeRenderIMG_4123FullSizeRender 6FullSizeRender 5IMG_4054

Diaper Pail: Ubbi Triangles 

“Stay Little Little Man” Sign, Teepee Shelf & White Wolf, “Climb Every Mountain” & “Little Explorer” Signs, “You Are Our Best Adventure” Sign, Iron Fox Face, “Strong & Brave” Sign, Wooden Hanging Triangle Decor, Two Wooden Arrows, Metal Antique Airplane, “J”, Arrow Banner, “Love You to the Moon & Back” Wooden Sign, Metal/Wooden Round Shelf, Ceramic Elephant Head Wall Mount: Hobby Lobby

Woven Wall Hanging, Crocodile Skull, Elephant Picture, Shades of Blue Canvas, Mint Diaper Holder, Seek Adventure Framed Picture, Zebra Head Wall Mount, Arrows Crib Sheet, Nate Berkus Crib Blanket, Aztec Clay Container, Gray Clay Bowl, Miniature Cactus, Stuffed Green Alligator, Crib Pillow, Wooden Stuffed Animal Storage Bin, Mini Canvas Polka-dot Bin, Sophie the Giraffe Teether, Long Wooden Accessory Holder: Target

Globe, Elephant Hamper, “Never Stop Exploring” Canvas, Trio of Metal Arrows, “I See the Moon & the Moon Sees Me” Sign, Multi-colored Closet Storage Tins: Home Goods

Furniture, Crib Mobile, Gold Triangle Wall Decals, DADA Book by Jimmy Fallon, Giant Plush Elephant, Changing Table Cover, Mini Gray Fur Rug: Babies R Us

Cutest Giraffe Diapers: The Honest Company 

First Curl & First Tooth Keepsake Boxes:Buy Buy Baby 

Mini Teepee: Touch of Modern 





  1. I had the BEST time shopping with you bff! And you decorated his nursery CUTER than I could’ve ever imagined!!! FYI if anyone needs insipiration w/ designing, Shawndee is your go to gal 🙌🏼


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