LJ’s Birth Story

It was almost 11 PM on July 20th. We had just gotten to the hospital for our induction. I was so excited, the time was finally here! Little Josh would be here before we knew it! We were being induced to avoid complications I had with Arabella, so there was no rushing or unknowns at this point. It was raining when we arrived and I remember having a feeling that everything was going to go really well because the rain made me happy. After we checked in and got into a room, the nurses made us comfortable and got an IV going. Daddy and I were able to get some sleep through the night and baby boy was being monitored. So far everything was going great, I was dilated to 1 cm. My nurse gave me my first dose of medication to get the contractions started around 5 AM. They were going to give me another dose every five hours until I was in full blown labor. Josh was so excited and so anxious he started making trips to the gift shop downstairs and buying cute things for me and baby boy. It was so sweet! When my doctor came to check my dilation at 10 AM, I had only dilated half a cm and they gave me another dose of medication.


Josh went back down to the gift shop and was having fun decorating our room with balloons, stuffed animals, and flowers. He even got Lj a couple outfits and a blanket. The blanket was so soft and I really loved it!…Until I realized it said “Deepest Sympathy” on it. I had to tell Josh to slow down! Haha. He had clearly let his excitement get the best of him and didn’t even read what the blanket had said on it. (I later sent my mom down and she switched the blanket out for a “mom life” one! Thank goodness.) We really lucked out in the nurse department this time around. She was really sweet and totally didn’t mind Josh decorating our entire room, including their cabinets and everything. She just kept working around it without any irritation. Having bad experiences with our nurses with Arabella, I was so thankful!

When my doctor came to check me two hours later, he asked me what my pain level was and I said 1. I wasn’t feeling much of anything but some minor discomfort. He was concerned that I still wasn’t dilating and was going to give me more medication; but when he checked my dilation, I was dilated to 3 cm. Yay! He was confident that even though I could not feel it, the medication was causing me to contract and dilate so he broke my water. My doctor told me we would have a baby by dinner time, to get some rest, and let my body do all the work. Instantly, I regretted telling him my pain level was only a 1! After he broke my water, I was in excruciating pain and I had to wait for the anesthesiologist to get out of a C-section before I could get my epidural. Those were the longest thirty minutes of my life! Luckily, I had my hubby by my side, coaching me through the pain. Once I had my epidural, I was so relieved! I seriously give moms who deliver naturally all the props in the world! Those contractions are no joke.


Now that I wasn’t in pain, Josh and I were relaxing and watching Judge Judy to pass the time. Suddenly, a surge of emotions completely overwhelmed me. I started panicking about how everything was about to change. I was so excited to meet my baby boy, but I was so consumed with worry about what the impact would be on Arabella. I told Josh that I feared she would feel replaced and unloved, and I started to cry. Josh was really awesome and was able to calmly comfort me by reassuring me that Arabella was really going to love her little brother. By now it was close to 2 PM and I was about to fall asleep when my nurse came into the room. She said she needed to check my dilation because the baby’s heart rate had dropped. As I started to panic she told me there was a chance it had only dropped because he could have descended into the birth canal.

She was right! Instantly she said, he’s coming out! Right away, I became nauseous and realized that I was shaking. It was no wonder why I was just so emotional, the nurse explained to me that my hormones sky rocketed when the baby started making his way out. They were also responsible for the nausea and the shaking. Right away, my mom came into the room, followed by my nurse and a team of others. The nurse had me practice one push and then had me hold off until the doctor came in. He was there by 2:25 PM and after pushing four times (two big and two little!), my baby boy was born! Josh cut the umbilical chord and then that was it, they laid Little Josh on my chest. I couldn’t believe how perfect he was. That’s when it registered, he wasn’t crying. I was starting to get scared, but really tried not to panic. The nurses kept rubbing him to make him warm and get him to cry. Finally, the nurses took him under the heat lamp, suctioned his mouth and he began crying. I had never been more relieved in my life. The nurse handed him back to me, and I felt nothing but bliss.



07/21/2017 2:30 PM

8 lbs 1 oz, 21 in.

Arabella hated seeing me laying in the hospital bed. Hence the picture when she walked in and saw me and her little brother for the first time. (She was the same way when I would lay on the table to get my ultrasounds done). Uneasy about the hospital room, she was so happy meeting her brother. Instantly, she loved him. She couldn’t stop kissing his head and wanted to hold him. She laid with me in the bed with me and would just cuddle us. Every time the nurses came to check on me or him, she would cry. I guess its a good thing she’s so protective over him. I mean really, if that’s my biggest problem, then I guess we’re in pretty good shape. My sweet baby girl was instantly the best big sister.

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