& Then There Were Four

I have to say adjusting from having one baby to two was probably a bigger adjustment for me than going from none to one. Since finding out I was pregnant, one of my main concerns was what the adjustment period would be like for Arabella. I was so scared that she would feel replaced or unloved because she would no longer have all of the attention. I also would sometimes feel guilty. Guilty that I was going to be taking away from Arabella. And guilty that I would also be taking away from the new baby because it would never be just him; Arabella would still have a lot of my attention. I often had to remind myself that everything would be okay and that these two were going to be so lucky to have one another. I spent the last few months trying to spend extra time with my first baby and enjoying the time we had left as just the two of us. From the moment Arabella met her little brother, she has loved him so much. Everyday she talks to him, kisses on him, rubs his little feet, and tries to share her toys with him. Now I look back and I feel silly for being so concerned. Don’t get me wrong, there are days when I see her getting jealous, but that’s to be expected. The hardest part so far has been trying to get these two on coinciding schedules. I know that it is too early for that, but I have to admit I cannot wait for the day they both sleep through the night! In the end, no matter what the challenges are, I am so lucky to be their mom. I feel really blessed that I was able to give them to one another and I can’t wait to watch them love each other for the rest of time.

Thank you Natalie, for the amazing photos. We will cherish them forever.


Natalie’s website: photosbynatalie.com

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