Hospital Bag Essentials

One thing I learned after having Arabella was that half of what I packed in my hospital bag wasn’t even necessary! Packing this time around was much different. For one, I packed my bag two days before instead of weeks before. Not on purpose but because I had a million other things keeping me preoccupied like my toddler. But I did pack LJ’s bag weeks in advance simply because I was just so excited. For me, the easiest way to figure out what I needed to pack was to go off of a checklist for mom, dad, and baby. My bag was simple: a comfy robe, comfy clothes, nursing bras/shirts, ponytail holders, flip flops, slippers, chapstick, makeup, brush, tooth brush, snacks, my camera, memory card and phone charger. I personally decided not to pack books, magazines, or anything else to “pass the time” while in labor because I knew from my first time, I would be too excited to do any reading. I did not pack things like nipple cream, nursing pads, numbing spray etc. simply because the hospital provides them for you. Why pack more if you do not need to, right? My main focus in my bag was my super comfy robe from Pink Blush Maternity and a bag of Jolly Ranchers. Haha! I made sure Josh packed a couple outfits, his toiletries, his phone and charger, a pillow and a blanket. Might I also add that I made sure my phone storage and memory card for the camera were both cleared off so I would have lots of room for pictures!

The day I was packing LJ’s bag was a super fun day for me! Is that weird? I guess it was just so exciting to be so close to meeting my baby boy. I think a lot of moms can relate! I spent almost an entire afternoon packing up his cute little outfits, beanies and blankets. Looking through all his outfits, all I could think about was meeting him and those first moments. I could envision his cute little face in all the cute onesies I had so carefully picked out for him and his arrival. In LJ’s bag, I packed his “first picture” outfit, his going home outfit, a few super cute outfits in between, two nighties, mittens, socks, my favorite swaddles and blankets, and of course, my favorite beanies. I also brought along a baby book I got from Carter’s.


Monogrammed Levtex blanket from Babies R Us. The Nate Berkus blanket and mint swaddle I got both from Target. The Forest Friends swaddle I got from Little Unicorn as part of a set of three. They’re also sold separately on their website and this one is actually on sale right now!


This little onesie from Carter’s is one of the first things I bought for baby boy. I packed my favorite booties from Potato Feet and Noxx beanie to go with it.


This was LJ’s “first photo” outfit. I am obsessed with these little pants and beanie by Lulu & Roo. I paired it with a simple little white Gerber onesie. IMG_2087

Another sweet outfit! This was baby boy’s going home outift. The outfit is Burt’s Bees Baby and I had this little custom beanie made by The Cotton Cupcake Shoppe.


That was it! I didn’t worry about including diapers, wipes or burp cloths, because I knew all of those things would be provided at the hospital. Unless you’re specific about which products to use for the hospital stay, I totally recommend not packing any of these! All of his things went in my diaper bag from Fawn Design.


I am in love with this bag and will do another post on what I will typically keep in my diaper bag for both kids and how the bag works so well for it. We made sure the car seat was also installed and ready to go in the car and we were ready for this baby!


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