Baby Sprinkle

After having such a big baby shower for Arabella, I really wanted to do something more intimate with this baby. Josh was so sweet and put together a super small gathering of my friends and family to celebrate our little boy. All I wanted was a simple and relaxing girls day and boy did he deliver! He went above and beyond and surprised me by renting out the Bacabi and Oraibi suite at the Wigwam Resort. We had lunch catered in by the Wigwam, opened presents, played silly games, and ate delicious cake. The cake came from Nothing Bundt Cakes where we also ordered a couple dozen cupcakes. I would highly recommend these guys, they are super yummy and can be ordered just days before. We kept the decor simple.The color theme for the party was mint, copper and gray. Succulents from Trader Joe’s sat in cute little tins on the end tables and all other decorations (and game sheets!) came from Target. You can never go wrong with Target decorations and many times can find them in their $1/$3/$5 section! We also decorated the walls and tables with framed maternity photos. My best friend, Celina, did my makeup and my hair. Check her out on Instagram and on YouTube to see her makeup tutorials. She is amazing! I got my super beautiful dress from Windsor. I bought the dress four weeks before my shower because I thought of wearing it in my maternity pictures but had changed my mind. When I decided to wear it for the shower, I was so nervous about it fitting! It wasn’t a maternity dress and my belly was the size of a basketball! Turns out, the pregnancy gods were with me and I really ended up loving how it fit. Overall, it was just a perfect day celebrating our little boy with friends and family!

IMG_6631IMG_6642IMG_6705IMG_6632img_6704.jpgIMG_6703 (1)IMG_6633IMG_6634IMG_6636IMG_6638IMG_6639IMG_6699IMG_6706IMG_9331IMG_6749IMG_6783IMG_6689 (1)IMG_6692IMG_6691IMG_6694IMG_6687IMG_6697IMG_6700IMG_6701IMG_6803IMG_6732IMG_6702img_6806-1.jpgIMG_6684IMG_6804img_6808.jpgimg_6809.jpgimg_6815.jpgimg_6813.jpgimg_6814.jpgimg_6812.jpgimg_6810.jpgimg_6819.jpgIMG_9987IMG_9983IMG_8893img_6668.jpg

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