Maternity Photos

Since Little Josh was going to be our last baby, I really wanted to go all out for our maternity pictures. With our maternity pictures with Arabella we had suffered some setbacks. We took our pictures around May at the Salt River. If you’re familiar with Arizona, you know it was so hot out. We were literally dying! Additionally, I was getting over kidney stones so the two together made for a not-so-good experience. This time around, Natalie Miller was our photographer and I knew she would deliver on everything I wanted. I wanted to wear something dramatic and wanted to shoot the pictures somewhere super dreamy. We decided on Sedona for the location to both avoid the heat and because come on, it’s Sedona! It’s gorgeous! Our maternity pictures turned out gorgeous, but you would never imagine what was happening behind-the-scenes. To start, maternity photos were a whole different ball game this time around because we were including a two-year-old who only likes to take pictures when she’s interested. We took a wrong turn and basically ended up in Flagstaff by the time we had to pull over and regroup. It did end up working out because we shot a couple pictures off the side of the road. My dress is from Windsor and is actually on sale right now!

5P3A2724IMG_7450 (1)NGZT0687

You could never tell by these photos that it was absolutely freezing outside with gusts of 40 mph winds! We literally had to wrap Arabella up in a blanket then hurry and rip it off for a photo! Not joking!

After getting back on the right route to Sedona, we finally got to Slide Rock where we were taking the rest of our photos. I had no idea when I chose Sedona for the shoot that we would get hit with a cold wave. Literally, I could not have dressed us worst for cold windy weather! It totally didn’t bother Arabella though, all she wanted to do was go swimming in the creek. In the end, we got lucky with the canyon actually blocking the wind and the photoshoot went really well. By the end, I was muddy and wet, but I knew I would love the photos! This dress is also from Windsor. I made the flower crown from dusty miller, gardenias, and purple gladiolas. The gardenias actually came from our bushes in our backyard! My amazing best friend, Celina, did my hair and makeup. She is so amazing! Check her out on YouTube for hair and makeup tutorials.



POYA2021MBAG26975P3A2777IMG_7451 (1)

5P3A3008IMG_6604 (1)5P3A29845P3A29305P3A3100

5P3A3039IMG_6618 (1)img_6605-1.jpgIMG_6600 (1)img_6601-1.jpgimg_6599-1.jpgimg_6597-1.jpg5P3A3188



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